I likes to get wrecked up down at the Priest Hole /
Your dad's always there 'cause he's on the dole /
My rhymes is tight, yeah I make it look easy /
Dylan's beats are hot like chicken jalfrezi!

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Worm is a resident of present-day Cairnholm Island and is in a beatboxing/rapping duo with his younger friend Dylan, though neither of them are very good in Jacob's opinion. He is also known as "Emcee Worm".

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar ChildrenEdit

Worm is introduced to Jacob by Dylan in Chapter 3. He is seen wearing a blinding yellow track suit and fake gold chains. Worm introduces that he and Dylan are "the sickest rapping duo in Wales". They then demonstrate their "skills" to Jacob before pretending to guide him to the old children's home. Later on in the chapter he and Dylan trick Jacob into walking into a stable, where he becomes shin-deep in animal faeces. After Jacob tells them he actually does want to see the old children's home the boys inform him they thought he was "taking a piss" meaning they thought he was joking when he asked them to lead him to the old children's home.

In Chapter 7, Jacob's father tells Jacob that the sheep of some farmers had been killed, and brings Jacob to them. Jacob sees that one of the farmers has Worm by the collar, and they accuse Jacob of having slaughtered the sheep alongside him, assuming Jacob is friends with Worm and Dylan. When providing his alibi, Jacob says his friends that he'd been with up at the house are imaginary, Worm shouts, "See? Kid's a bloody psycho! It had to be him!" When the farmers take the boys to the crime scene, Worm gags and cries at the sight of the brutal massacre of the sheep. His reaction is considered to be a confession, and he is labeled as a "criminal who could not face his own crime". He is then locked in the old office of Martin's museum that was made into a makeshift jail cell, though a wight is the actual perpetrator.  


Physical Edit

  • Chapter 3: Wearing blinding yellow tracksuit, fake gold chains, and sneakers.
  • Chapter 7: Wearing neon track pants and shirt reading "I LOVE IT WHEN THEY CALL ME BIG POPPA"

Personality Edit

  • Cowardly: In Chapter 7 it says that Worm had been crying, snot bubbling on his lip, after one of the farmers had caught him, thinking he might have killed their sheep. Worm proceeded to blame Jacob for the crime.
  • Trickster: He tricks Jacob into wading into sheep poop.


Jacob PortmanEdit

Acquaintance. Worm and Dylan demonstrate their rapping and beat-boxing "skills" to Jacob and trick him into walking through livestock excrement. When telling his father about he and Dylan, Jacob says in his aside that he "guesses he also forgot to mention them Worm and Dylan hating him."


Worm's best friend and rapping/beat-boxing partner on Cairnholm.

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