The Wights' Fortress is a structure in Devil's Acre. It is the headquarters of the antagonists of the Peculiar Children series: Wights and Hollowgast. It was emptied at the end of Library of Souls as its former inhabitants had been either killed or captured.

Description Edit

It is described as a 'long wall of white stone, and beyond that, a high pale tower'. From this, it can be inferred that the fortress is made up of a tall tower encased within a wall. It is later stated that there is a courtyard within the walls with near identical 'low-slung buildings'. There is also an underground chamber located in one of the buildings. It was used to house the peculiars under Miss Peregrine's care and also, all the ymbrynes.

Entry Edit

From the front entrance, wights and their cargo cross a half-made bridge through the help of a hollowgast.

The second entrance is through a loop within Myron Bentham's Panloopticon in his house. This is the route that Jacob Portman and Emma Bloom used to get in.

Library of Souls Edit

The fortress is first mentioned when Jacob, Emma and Addison successfully reach the foot of the Wights' Bridge.