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Wights are the evolved form of a Hollowgast after it has consumed enough peculiars.

They are the main antagonists of the Peculiar Children series and film adaptation: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (film).


Physical Edit

A wight looks almost exactly like a human, except the fact that they have pure, milky-white eyes with no iris. Many also appear to be physically unremarkable and consequently can pass unnoticed by most, which also enables them to disguise themselves with little trouble. A wight's ability to impersonate others so easily means that they are capable of alternating between various different disguises as the situation demands. Wights will often take jobs in the normal world, wearing coloured contact lenses so that their unusual eyes do not arouse suspicion. In this way, a wight may watch over and become many different people in a peculiar's life, such as the case was with Golan during his observations of Jacob Portman; at different times posing as a school bus driver, a pool cleaner, a psychologist, and a bird watcher.

Peculiarity Edit

Wights do not have any peculiarities, nor do they retain the memories of their previous lives.

An exception to both these facts is Caul Peregrine. He is able to turn into a peregrine falcon and also retains his memory.

Origins Edit

Wights are the evolved form of hollowgasts. Once a hollow has consumed enough peculiars, it's 'hollow soul' is filled with the 'second-soul' located within the peculiar. Thus, it evolves into a wight.

Hierarchy Edit

Hollowgasts work for wights. Wights aid hollowgasts in their transformation into wights by hunting down peculiars for them to feed on.

Notable wights Edit

Books Edit

Film Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In the film, wights retain their peculiarities.

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