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Don't get so choked, you know I can't stand it. Anyway, it's cruel, waking Victor. He likes it where he is.

Enoch O'Connor, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children


Victor Bruntley is the deceased older brother of Bronwyn Bruntley

He was a male syndrigast with the peculiarity of super strength.

His body is kept in a locked room upstairs in Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children, near Emma Bloom's room. He was killed by a hollowgast before the beginning of the series.

In the HomeEdit

Victor (along with his younger sister, Bronwyn,) lived in Miss Peregrine's Home at some point, but he wasn't too fond of it. His displeasure at the home prompted him to leave the loop, shortly after which he was murdered by a hollow. This deeply saddened everyone, especially Bronwyn and Miss Peregrine.


Victor, like his sister, Bronwyn Bruntley, has the peculiarity of super strength. One feat of his peculiarity included lifting a boulder with a single hand, as demonstrated in his photograph.




from the collection of Robert Jackson

Victor was killed by hollowgasts after leaving Miss Peregrine's loop when he "couldn't stand it any longer", as Emma explains to Jake. In an earlier chapter, it is revealed by Enoch that Victor's death is the reason that Miss Peregrine wears black, and is very strict on the matter. It is unsure how the peculiars retrieved his body, and it can only be assumed Miss Peregrine had retrieved it.


Jacob Portman - Though not alive at any point during the first time Jacob sees Victor, he pities him.

Enoch O'Connor - Enoch claims that he was Victor's friend. In the film Enoch uses one of his "puppet hearts" on Victor to mess with Jake.

Bronwyn Bruntley - Victor's little sister, Bronwyn is very sensitive over the topic of her older brother and is brought to tears by the sight of his body.

Miss Peregrine - On the subject of Victor, Miss Peregrine is said to be very stern and would punish the children if she had known they spoke of his death. She always wears black because she is mourning his loss.

Emma Bloom - In Chapter 9, Emma tells Jake about what caused Victor's death and why it happened. She also expresses sympathetic feelings toward Bronwyn over the matter.

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