Name: Allamara Texas

Age: 116

Loop: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Physical Age (Age you Look to be): 15

Peculiarity: Molding solids (Can change the shape of single object one or so meters away)

Status: Alive

Appearance: 15 year old girl wearing a floaty, white dress. Has pair of lace gloves on and a headband to keep golden hair out of her blue eyes.

Personality: Can be rude and depressing, also kind and sweet. She is also sensitive towards animals

Siblings: Kenzie Texas

Location: Unknown

Location of Birth: London

Relationships: Family

Gender: Female

Weapons: Power

Friends: Claire, Fiona, Hugh, The Twins, Olive, Emma, Jacob, Bronwyn, Millard, Enoch, Abraham (deceased), Victor (deceased), Marcie (deceased), Charlotte (At different Loop), Althea (deceased), Melina

Enemies: Hollowgasts, Wights, particular Ymbrynes

Species: Syndragasti


Mother: Selina Texas (deceased)

Father: Ethan Texas (deceased)

Sister: None 

Brother: None

Aunt: None

Uncle: Uncle Daniel (deceased)

Cousin(s): None

Grandfather(s): Grandpa Steven (deceased), Grandpa Joe (deceased)

Grandmother(s): Grandma Ella (deceased), Grandma Lucy (deceased)

Romantically Involved with anyone?: Not to her knowledge. 

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