aka Just call me Zim 💗

  • I live in Wear the corn🌾 grows on flatland and cows 🐮 graze 🌱 lazily.
  • I was born on April 6
  • My occupation is 🙊
  • I am GenderQueer (if you dont believe in this fine. Call me whatever pronouns you want)

    SUMMARY: Im keeping this diary in order to keep my sanity and hopefully my privacy will be kept as well, all I want is a place to write my thoughts out on paper. The world is screaming around me to be someone I'm not, might as well be the person I want to be when no one cares to look. (I dont own any characters in or the idea of Miss Peregrines home for peculiar children)

    CONTAINS THE SHIPPING: Transgirl Oc x Future Dreamer (UNDER EDITING) AUTHOR NOTES: this story is featured on owrownarchive and it is truly written by me as trashy as this fanfiction is...the original title is Portal Through The Siamese Trees

    Everything was monochrome with a monotone and in a room was me till 3 but from 5 past noon I couldnt sleep bvecause He blended outward…

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