Every day, I check on to this wikipedia to if there is anything new. It appears that most of the wikipedia has turned into a ghost town (probably because most of the people on this wiki are at school. Hell, I'm still at school, typing this blog right now!). Another thing pisses me the hell off. Here's a good question, when was the last time we got news about the new Miss Peregrine movie? The answer is DECEMBER 19TH, 2015. Couldn't we get a little tease at a possible trailer this month? The movie is coming out on Christmas Day in the U.S. and we only got a tiny little easter egg of a teaser. No offense FOX, but YOU MIGHT WANT GIVE US A LOT MORE THAN WHAT WE GOT RIGHT NOW!!! >:(


Anticipation Level: I was excited but that excitement has died down thanks to my rage and 20th Century Fox being lazy as hell (They better hope you can win back everyone's support, it's taking as long as G.R.R. Martin writing a Game of Thrones book).

(Please note that I don't hate the movie.......I just wish they would do a god damn trailer already, they have all the time in the world right now.)

UPDATE: January 14th, 2016

I think I have gotten myself calm and under control. I think that I can be polite and wait a little longer for the movie to be released.

Rage Level: Slightly Annoyed