Got my new phone today!!! Everything is safe and sound, and the video I'm making is on the app untouched and ready to be continued. Things are looking up.

I had a great time in history. I am the master of getting my history teacher off topic, and today I did so by asking what the hardest thing lefties faced was (him being a lefty) which launched an entire conversation. He told us that there were two types of leftys, and that what he was about to say "shouldn't be taken out of context". He explained that there were "hookers" and "pushers", which meant the way a lefty held their writing utensil. As he was demonstrating each technique, he walked up to the board to show us and said "My father was a hooker" which of course caused an outburst of laughter. It was hilarious.

I've been pretty lazy this week and slacking off a lot. I didnt do my homework, but I don't think I'm too worried at this point. It's my birthday week and I'm NOT going to let school ruin it for me. I get to see my boyfriend on Friday and have my birthday dinner with him, which will make me so happy. I haven't seen him in weeks and I miss him so much!

That's all from me, enjoy this screenshot of Sarah Dessen representing the feels of all Ransereh fans:

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