Sooo I finally met the guy I've been texting. I was super nervous, but right away he was really friendly with me and I felt better :) It was a little awkward at times but I think it went really well. Things haven't been perfect for me lately, and he's helping me a lot to get through it all. At first just texting him I wasn't sure if he'd be different in person, but now that I've met him I know he's just amazing all around. We have a lot in common, too! I know I've only met him once, but it felt so good to be with a guy I'm comfortable talking to again. I'd really like to get to know him more. When I had to leave, I gave him a hug good bye and he hugged me back. With the last guy I liked, I was always doubting myself and I was kind of scared to hug him. However, after he left my heart was beating really fast and a million thoughts were flying in all different directions in my head all at once like a thousand sparks. Does he like me? Was I too awkward? Was I not what he expected? I don't know. He seemed really happy to be with me, but I'm not sure if he only likes me as a friend. With this guy... I feel like this could be good. I really hope I'm good enough. I need more people like him in my life. Hopefully he gets to know me more and sees me when I'm more open and not grinning like an idiot on the inside. He's also really attractive. And makes me happy. Yay life!!

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