Well Sunday sucked. Today sucks. This week just sucks for me.

On Sunday, I tried to slide the slider on my phone to type in my passcode and use my phone. However, my phone decided to just straight up ignore that I was even touching it. This was around 6 pm last night. I waited a few minutes, tried to reset it, nothing. My mom took it to Apple who wouldn't do anything because we hadn't made an appointment. This pissed all of us off because all they literally needed to do was look at my phone, say "Yup it's broken" and hand us a new one, since I have insurance. But no, we have to make a freaking appointment. So I'm pretty much stuck with out a phone for another day, or possibly two. I am seriously pissed off and about ready to drop a television set out a window.

To make today even worse, I got a 54 on a math test quiz thing and my geometry teacher taught us this insanely difficult new concept- completely wrong. He seriously has no idea what he's doing. Now, I have to make a rough draft of some project that is due tomorrow for biology for another thing I have a weak grasp of. I am so sick of everything!!!!

All I want to do is be with my boyfriend, who I am struggling to communicate with without a phone. Also, the Video Star I was making for him will be lost... I have the incomplete video on camera roll and I am unsure if there's a way to put the video back into the app to finish it. I'm miserable and I would just like to curl up in a dark shower and cry. 

I'm really trying to find a bright side of things, but this week so far just looks like hell. I really just hope things brighten up somehow, because my birthday is on Friday. I'll be 16, wishing I wasn't even conscious. 

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