I recently watched a two-part film called "Nymphomaniac" or ("NYMPH()MANIAC") on Netflix. It was actually a really good movie, as well as deep and meaningful. I'm actually inspired to look for my own "soul tree" now. Fair warning if any of you decide to check it out, it does contain unsimulated sex with the actors' and actresses' upper-halves edited in, which I never would have guessed if I hadn't looked into it. The ending was very heart-wrenching to me, however, and I really wanted to cry and hug Joe and never let go. I'm actually going to watch the Director's Cut of this movie after I post this. I finished the movie in 2-3 days, finishing it today, and already I want to watch the entire thing all over again. Joe is an awesome character in my eyes and I actually really admire her character's development. If you're interested...

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