Hey there Peculiars! Shadow here :)

One of my favorite parts about the Peculiar Children series are the photographs, which is probably a favorite component of most readers. What's interesting about the photographs is that they are a certain type of photography. You may be thinking that I'm about to throw in the word "vintage" or "old" in the next few lines, but no, that's not what makes these photographs so special at all. The majority of the photographs in the series are called vernacular, or "found", photography. Okay fine "vintage" and "old" are apart of this type of photography, but not the most intriguing part. What makes these photographs so special is that they really were found, by people today. Much of found photography consists of every day actions or events in the time the photo was snapped, which is pretty cool for people born in the wrong decade. However some of the photography is much more, well, peculiar. I challenge you to open a new tab right now and go to google images because let's face it Bing just doesn't feel the same) and type in "vernacular" or "found photography". What's the first thing that comes up that interests you?

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