Happy New Years everyone! I hope everyone had a exciting, safe time with the people they love.

I thought I would be spending New Years alone, but I actually didn't have that bad of a December 31st–January 1st.

Since my sister was working and my twin was with her boyfriend, it was just my parents and me. We went to Mandarin Gourmet with my grandparents and a bunch of their friends. We had a lot of fun, and I had my beloved crab rangoon. I think a young waiter there was checking me out, which was kind of awkward. My poppy had me say "thank you" to him in Chinese and told him that my boyfriend was teaching me and was in Taiwan. I was also sad because one couple we were eating with weren't doing so well, the husband having gone through two stages of chemotherapy, meaning I could hug him. I'm very close to that couple and it made me very sad. However, the wife exchanged emails with me and plans on having me do some chores for her. I don't know if this means I'll be paid, but anytime I can have with them will mean the world. The night ended with a multitude of fortune cookies, which we all read aloud and added "in bed" to the end of. It was really fun.

Unexpectedly, I tagged along with a friend to another friend's house and had a blast talking about our boyfriends and taking pictures. They were all talking about how good 2014 was, but honestly for last year was filled with a lot of people who used me and broke me. Luckily I've started to figure myself all out, and I can take better care of myself and think of myself first when needed. I'm strengthening friendships. I have two penpals who have gone through similiar situations as me and I can support. It's nice.

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