It seems that every guy that has been in my life always had the same drawbacks. I was always the one who had to do the caring and make the effort to be nice with little in return. There were always things I couldn't do, like talk to certain people, defend myself, say certain things, etc. It felt as if I was constantly walking on eggshells, keeping what I really thought and how I really wanted to be in a jar on the shelf. This time it's different.

He was the one who complimented me first. He always tells me how much he likes to be with me, like hanging out with me is a priveledge. I can be my hyper crazy self and he loves it. We can be goofy together and he never thinks that I'm weird or annoying. He's the sweetest guy I have ever known, and I think we almost kissed. Things are getting better and better in my life everyday.

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