It's been a little while since my last blog update. Although I visit the wikia daily, there was some update recently that makes it harder to edit. Ughh -.- At least I have some more notes to add when I can get to a computer! My mom has been Christmas shopping on her laptop and my father working on the computer most of the time making it nearly impossible for me to nab some time. Additionally, there was just a snow storm where I live so I don't know how long I'll have electricity and Internet for. Other than that though, the snow is beautiful. It also makes me sad that my boyfriend is away, where it's raining, and can't enjoy it with me. The snow falling yesterday was so beautiful, and all I wanted to do was kiss in it. But I couldn't. I miss him so much.

If surviving without him for four days isn't hard enough, he'll be in his home country for all of Christmas break. We have FaceTime, though! I'm being strong.

I also have a lot to work on this weekend, such as my rough draft project for Bio and essay on Option 3 for Current Events. At least I'll have something to keep my mind off of missing him. I'm doing what I can, you know?

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