Soooo saw the Bonnie & Clyde vs Romeo & Juliet. R & J had some good zingers but I don't really think that the lines for B and C had as much effort. Ughhhh disappointment comeeee onnnnn. Well at least B and C had to be taken down by a firing squad, R and J took themselves out.

Okay so anyway it's Monday. And I found out I can no longer edit from my phone in the precious minutes that I have. I'll try to figure out something when I can, but for now I'm sticking to noting things from the book, which should take a while.

Saturday was sssooo amazing. I went out with my boyfriend and friends to the mall and it was so fun. I held his hand :3 The good-byes are the worst part though, because I can only see him about once a week. It sucks but we fight it and make it work. He joined a swim team where my friend works so I might be able to do something through that. Maybe. Right now I think my best chance of seeing him is at his school where I can talk to, but then all I'd be able to do is help him with his English. He's already so good at it in my eyes, but I guess not on his tests.

Cotillion is also coming up, but we won't be going together. The guy I went with last year that ditched me made up with me, and we're friends, but I'm not sure where that will go. He texts my boyfriend things that I'd rather he not, such as to squeeze my thigh. My friend recently started doing that in a class we have together because it makes me jump. He's acting weirder, like possessive or something. I don't even know man but I don't like him touching me.

Also with my phone, I found some missed calls and voicemails from blocked numbers and stuff that I'd never heard until last night. Soooo creepy listening to them in the dark at nearly midnight. Which reminds me I should probably record my own "Leave a Message!" thing. If I can, since my mind is on about a million other things. We'll see.

what that means but yeah.

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