November 8, in a Starbucks, at a few minutes to 10 pm, my life has officially transformed into awesomeness. Aka, the sweetest and cutest guy in the world asked me to be his girlfriend, and I said yes. It feels so good that all of the guys have broken me in the past truly mean nothing to me anymore. Although he is gentle, I know that this guy will protect me. I was a little nervous about the relationship at first, but now I really couldn't be any happier. The only thing that makes me sad is that he'll be very busy during December when my birthday and cotillion will be. It breaks my heart that I most likely won't get to dance with him. He's going back to Taiwan for winter break, and it also hurts to know that I can't go with him. I'm praying that I'll find a way to get enough money to go with him one day, which would be a total dream come true. In the meantime, I'm putting together a video for him as a little surprise. I'll try to post what I have so far here.

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