Tomorrow is our two month aniversary. I'd tell him that, but I'm just going to wait for him to talk to me first. And it's killing me. There's a million things I want to say that won't come out.

Yesterday was just terribly and I felt like jumping off of a bridge. Where I live right now it's extremely cold and I've been meaning to walk down to the other end of my street to where a little bridge is that the road goes over. I love that bridge because there used to be a sapling that was bent over with it's tip stuck in the water somewhere and I loved to look at it, especially when it was [frozen] there with ice. It was beautiful, but I think the sapling snapped. Wow I got so off topic lol.

Anyway things just haven't been easy. My boyfriend really doesn't have time for me anymore and it's so hard to talk to him. My sister is even harder to talk to because she's always with her boyfriend or on the phone with him. It's misters before sisters with her.

I stayed home today because my throat hurts and I don't really have anyone to talk to right now. Things are going to be okay eventually but I don't know when.

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