( :( :( My throat still hurts and I'm not seeing my boyfriend today. He just told me today that he'll be at the mall the time we were supposed to go out together. I guess I'm gonna have to wait a fourth week to see him which I hate. I'm just feeling really confused because before he went home for break he was really affectionate towards me and told me he loved me and everything, but while he was home and when he came back he hasn't been like that. He hasn't told me he loves me and barely messages me. I really hope it's just the WiFi, or that he's just having a hard time and retreating like guys typically do. You can't just stop loving someone after going overseas, right? Hopefully he just needs to see me again. I really don't know. It's gonna be okay, that's what I keep saying, just not right now. My mom and sisters think I should dump him, but I'm not the kind of girl to do that over a text message and without signifigant reason. It's so hard to be happy with all of this happening. He's in my mind 99% of the day which makes it hard to focus on something else. 
Lupe Fiasco & Guy Sebastian - Battle Scars Official Music Video04:39

Lupe Fiasco & Guy Sebastian - Battle Scars Official Music Video

This isn't usually my type of music, but I came across this song today and it's beautiful.

Also, I'm working on my WattPad stuff for anyone who's interested. I'm not really writing for any reason other than to do what I love, so most likely a lot of what I'll be writing will be part of other stories never published or finished etc. Pain makes the best artists, that's always something I've believed, and recently I had a really good idea for an unfinished story. So I guess keep an eye on my "Showers in the Dark", "Laurel", and "In The Eye" stories if you're interested.

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