1. Ich bin 学习 todo 寶寶 2. The back of the private property sign said nothing 3. Juniper sucks 4. BLASTING BATTLE CRY BY IMAGINE DRAGONS THOUGH 5. There were words that were said that weren't meant 6. You find more getting lost than you do knowing the way 7. When you don't fit with someone, be happy when they fit with someone else 8. I wanted to listen 9. History repeats itself 10. Plane tickets to Taiwan cost a lot 11. You can move on 12. You can still look back 13. Elsa Mars was loved by Paul the Illustrated Seal. Then she put him on a wheel and threw knoves at him. One impaled his stomach. She then wished to be loved when she blew out her birthday candle tf 14. Let's just go on to more numbers 15. KANSAS. KANSAS CAN DO IT. 16. WhErE's LoVeR bOy? 17. SWIM FINNICK SWIM 18. Let's not and say we did 19. Finnick please put on some pants 20. Maybe it's better if we just go steady permanently 21. I think they're gonna grow more 22. What kind of bird are YOU? 23. Do not. Cross. This. Stick. 24. Molly's right, I do go bezerk. 25. Starbucks 26. Traffic 27. Cold hands 28. Warm hearts 29. Yours 30. Dreaming 31. I don't know who you are anymore 32. Frankly, I think it's all a lie 33. A mask to make me think you're better off than you are 34. ZIEEEEEELLLLLLL NEI NEI NEI LOLOLOLOL 35. Like a butterfly, Ma Petite, like a butterfly soaking in formaldehyde 36. What's the difference between my compliments and a purple tongue? 37. People avoid conflict, you know, in music. But it's there. Always is. 38. Weight 39. Gough 40. It was half 41. Oh yes 42. Why is a raven like a writing desk? 43. Because Poe wrote on both? 44. NEVAR 45. I 46. Am 47. On 48. The 49. Run 50. And 51. Go 52. Blast-Off Pops 53. Summer migraines and fedoras 54. I hope I meet you 55. You cut up a thing that is alive and beautiful to see why it is alive and how it is beautiful 56. ABCDEFGHIJKMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ

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