In the Miss Peregrine books, each book has an index of the photos at the end, with the photo name, the collection the photo comes from, and the page on which the picture appears in the story. In the book additions I read, the indexes are as follows:

16 The Invisible Boy Robert Jackson
17 The Levitating Girl Yefim Tovbis
18 Boy Lifting Boulder Robert Jackson
19 The Painted Head Robert Jackson
28 Abe Napping Robert Jackson
50 The Girl in the Bottle Robert Jackson
51 The Floating Baby Peter Cohen
52 The Boy-Faced Dog Robert Jackson
53 The Contortionist Robert Jackson
54 The Masked Ballerinas Robert Jackson
63 Miss Peregrine's Silhouette Robert Jackson
90 Boy in Bunny Costume Robert Jackson
116 Girls at the Beach The Thanatos Archive
117 The Reflecting Pool Peter Cohen
118 A Boy and His Bees Robert Jackson
119 The Snacking Ballerinas Robert Jackson
122 Emma in the Dark Muriel Moutet
126 The Cairn Tunnel Martin Isaac
138 Fighter Planes Robert Jackson
147 Miss Peregrine The author
158 Miss Finch Roselyn Leibowitz
159 Miss Avocet and Her Wards Julia Lauren
162 Miss Finch's Loop Roselyn Leibowitz
168 Claire's Golden Curls David Bass
173 Our Beautiful Display Robert Jackson
188 Bronwyn Bruntley Robert Jackson
191 Girl with Chicken John Van Noate
192 Jill and the Beanstalk Robert Jackson
195 A Follower of Fashion Robert Jackson
212 Miss Nightjar Takes All the Hard Cases The author
216 Enoch's Dolls David Bass
220 Victor Robert Jackson
227 My Bombshell Peter Cohen
227 Peeling Spuds Robert Jackson
229 Emma's Silhouette Robert Jackson
231 This Is Why Robert Jackson
254 A Hunting Trip The author
263 Department Store Santa The author
264 Victorian Dentist The Thanatos Archive
265 Marcie and the Wight Robert Jackson
275 The Vision Peter Cohen
310 Caw Caw Caw Roselyn Leibowitz
348 Abe and Emma Robert Jackson
353 We Rowed Faster Robert Jackson
8 Jacob in silhouette Roselyn Leibowitz
8 Emma Bloom Muriel Moutet
9 Enoch O'Connor David Bass
10 Claire Densmore Davis Bass
10 Fiona John Van Noate
11 Miss Avocet Erin Waters
212 Girl boarding train John Van Noate
226 Crying baby John Van Noate
246 Peculiar brothers John Van Noate
283 Sam John Van Noate
300 Millard in the mirror John Van Noate
309 The lookout John Van Noate

I imagine the page on which the photo appears could differ in different bindings of these books. Have any of you read additions of the books in which the photos have different pages than these?

The picture indexes in my additions of the books are:

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