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  • Rabbitty


    April 8, 2016 by Rabbitty

    In the Miss Peregrine books, each book has an index of the photos at the end, with the photo name, the collection the photo comes from, and the page on which the picture appears in the story. In the book additions I read, the indexes are as follows:

    16 The Invisible Boy Robert Jackson
    17 The Levitating Girl Yefim Tovbis
    18 Boy Lifting Boulder Robert Jackson
    19 The Painted Head Robert Jackson
    28 Abe Napping Robert Jackson
    50 The Girl in the Bottle Robert Jackson
    51 The Floating Baby Peter Cohen
    52 The Boy-Faced Dog Robert Jackson
    53 The Contortionist Robert Jackson
    54 The Masked Ballerinas Robert Jackson
    63 Miss Peregrine's Silhouette Robert Jackson
    90 Boy in Bunny Costume Robert Jackson
    116 Girls at the Beach The Thanatos…

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  • Rabbitty


    March 5, 2016 by Rabbitty

    The categorization on this wiki is completely ridiculous. Each page has a million categories, most of which say the exact same thing. You don't need to label a page as Syndrigasti and Syndrigast and Syndrigasts. That should just be one category. And moreover, Syndrigasts is grammatically incorrect (Syndrigasti is the correct plural) and as for Syndrigast, category names should never be singular. The whole point of categories is to link multiple pages that are alike. In short, a page doesn't need to say Good guys, Protagonist, and Protagonists—only Protagonists.

    • Characters
    • Syndrigasti or Coerlfolc or Hollowgasts or Wights
    • Males or Females
    • Children or Adults
    • Protagonists or Antagonists
      • (Unless it's a minor character with no real allegiance)
    • Any aditional categories such as Anima…
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