So this was awesome, the third tour of Ransom Riggs, and the second time I've went.


He was late. Very very very late. Ransom later stated his lack of being able to make a deadline bonded him and Tim Burton. His wife stood in the back, smiling at him the whole time.

Asa Butterfield

Couldn't make it. So instead Ransom had a clip of the movie to show us. But couldn't show it because the book store couldn't find the projector cable.

The Movie

Ransom said he enjoyed a lot of the filming, responded to my question about the casting choices with a nervous laugh and saying that the script was a lot different from the book, but he felt as if it was for the better.

The Girls

A lot of them. Very attractive. Only a few guys. :C

The Goodies

Everyone got a tote bag with the words: #StayPeculiar with a free poster and calendar inside.

Next Book

Ransom stated he had ideas and notes for another book, but it wouldn't have anything to do with the Miss Peregrine Universe. He did state that he might make an actual book called Tales of the Peculiar.

Fun Trivia I Can Remember

  1. Joel-and-Peter freak him out.
  2. He thought the first book would fail.
  3. His favorite British comedy is Monty Python.
  4. He's on good terms with the entire cast.
  5. Tim Burton is a major fan of the books.
  6. Tim Burton wrote 45 percent of the script.
  7. Tim Burton was his childhood hero.
  8. His first ever picture was one of a girl named Dorothy who died in 1930 from leukemia.
  9. He has the song: "Run Rabbit Run" stuck in his head.
  10. His favorite book to write was Library of Souls.
  11. He takes about eight months planning out the book then four months feverishly writing.
  12. He's still super skinny.
  13. His wife buys his clothes online, and he rarely questions her choices.
  14. He wore shiny light turqoise shoes.

My Prize

There was a raffle, and I WON IT! It was a boxed set of all three hardcover books, along with TWELVE PHOTOS FROM THE BOOK. I got him to sign it all.


I loved it. <3

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