Name: Avery K.

Age: 113

Loop: Miss Peregrine's

Physical Age (Age you Look to be): 12

Peculiarity: Mind Control/Telekinesis

Status: Alive

Appearance: 12 year-old girl with blonde long hair and eyes that could put you under a spell. She wears a short flowy black dress, and a silver locket around her neck. She is very beautiful.

Personality: She is very smart, manipulative, can be giving, adventurous, and is very unique. 

Siblings: She has a younger brother named Lawson.

Location: Jake's house in Florida (read the book Library of Souls)

Location of Birth: A small village raided by the Nazis in Holland/The Netherlands

Relationships: Has a boyfriend (in her dreams)

Gender: Female

Weapons: Her mind, strength, and beauty

Friends: Good friends with Emma, Bronwyn, Horrace, and Fiona. Also friends with the rest of the peculiars there.

Enemies: Enoch (she dosen't hate him, he's just her "enemy" and she's his), and the wights


Romantically Involved with anyone?: She does like someone.

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