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    MY OC, Lesley

    February 10, 2017 by Bookgeekgirl5601

    This is one of my oc's, Lesley. She is awesome! If you like her, you can use her.

    I am going by the book.

    Name: Lesley Catarina VanAmor 

    Age: 122

    Loop: Miss Peregrines 

    Physical Age (Age you Look to be): 20

    Peculiarity: Can see anything(Hollows, Millard) and can kill or bring a person/thing back to life with a word.

    Status: Alive

    Appearance: waist length white blonde hair with natural black and red streaks, deep grey eyes, 6' 2". Wears a black, thigh length dress with red tights and crinolin, black lace up sandals, wears two bracelets, one with her name and another is a watch. She always ties her hair up in a blood red ribion.

    Personality: Shy, funny, smart, brave, will do anything for her friends, wants to be a doctor.

    Siblings: 5 younger sisters, i…

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