The Peculiar Archives is where the official records of the syndrigasti are held. The building is situated near Wakeling and Rookery in London, England in the Carnival Tourist Loop.

It's also where the Council of Ymbrynes convene for their annual nitpicking of the bylaws.


Hollow City Edit

In "Hollow City", Jacob Portman and the other Peculiar refugees travel here from their loop looking for Miss Wren, in order to heal Miss Peregrine back to her human form. At this time the entire building is covered by ice due to the young peculiar named Althea who froze the building to keep everyone out. Fortunately they go to the outside of the building and Miss Wren confronts them, and after hearing Olive's complaints she takes them inside the loop and attempts to heal Miss Peregrine inside of the loop overnight. The little Peregrine Falcon is again a human, but the wards and the ymbryne are shocked when they find a man instead of a woman, who is actually Miss Peregrine's evil, elder brother, Caul Bentham, who then captures all the peculiars and the ymbryne, while killing Althea, and escapes with all of them except Jacob and Emma.