Sharon is a male syndrigast with an unknown peculiarity.

He is seven-foot tall and makes an appearance in Library of Souls. He runs a peculiar tour company and guides Jacob, Emma and Addison through the Devil's Acre.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Sharon was an ambrosia, or ambro addict, before he was rescued by Myron Bentham. Unfortunately, he had taken so much ambrosia his face was left horribly disfigured.

Library of Souls Edit

Sharon boats Jacob, Emma, and Addison through Devil's Acre and helps them escape from people hired by wights. He gives them directions through the loop. After a while, he seems to develop a certain care toward them, and even comes with them to retrieve Jacob's hollowgast from an ambrosia dealer. He used to think highly of Myron Bentham, who nursed him off his ambrosia addiction, but lost his respect for him quickly after he betrayed the peculiars.


  • He has been offering boat tours since 1693.
  • His role is similar to Charon from Greek Mythology, who has a similar occupation (operating boats).
  • He wears a cape to hide his horribly disfigured face and sometimes used it to scare people.

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