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His signiture on the hard cover addition of Hollow City

At the heart of nature's mystery lies another mystery.

–Perplexus Anomalous

Perplexus Anomalous is an Italian peculiar cartographer who is most known for creating the Map of Days, a collection of maps that show the location of every loop throughout the Peculiardom. Not only was he a cartographer, but also a philospher, and great thinker, as Millard admires him greatly. Perplexus Anomalous's name is on the hard cover addition of Hollow City.

His name, Perplexus, is most likely an alias, as the name is derived from the word "perplex", which is defined as 'To make complicated or confused as a matter or question'.

Library of SoulsEdit

The Italian peculiar, after much speculation over his location, had actully been imprisoned by Caul. While in Caul's clutches, Perplexus was tortured for the location of Abaton, or, the Library of Souls. Perplexus did successfully find the location of Abaton.

Trivia Edit

  • Due to his capabilities and knowledge of loops, it is believed by some that Perplexus is the only male ymbryne in the world, but this has yet to be proven true.

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