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Ever wondered how a peculiar's power actually works ? Well, you've come to the right place! Here you can learn about the two different types of peculiar powers, and how they are aquired.

{Despite respecting Misty's wishes of not editing, may I offer a suggestion? You can do physical peculiarities such as Claire's backmouth, Hugh (how his body adapted to the bees) and Victor's strength (possibly), internal peculiarities, such as Jacob and Horaces'. Then you could arrange an elemental peculiarity section, which includes Althea and Emma}

Agressive PeculiaritiesEdit

Emma Bloom

Emma using her ability to produce fire with her hands.

The first of the two types of peculiarities to be addressed here are what are catagorized as "agressive" peculiarities. This type of peculiaritiy is activated by the peculiar him/herself, such as Emma's pyrokinesis , or ability to summon and control fire (and she isn't burnt by it either). It is known that by activating these types of peculiarities, it will attract the attention of any hollowgasts in the area. Other examples of peculiars with this type of ability would be  Enoch O'Connor (which could be loosely called necrokinesis ), Fiona Frauenfield (possibly agrokinesis ), Althea (cryokinesis ), and most likely every ymbryme (temporal looping) ever to exist in the realm of peculiardom.

Passive PeculiaritiesEdit


Olive automatically levitating in the air.

This type of peculiarity is on all the time. The user cannot control it, and therefore cannot activate it, to a point. At the beginning of one learning how to use their peculiarity, what is named above is always the case, in all cases known thus far. However, once one begins to advance in the usage of their peculiarity, they will develop aspects that is in fact within their control. It is unknown if these latter additions affect hollowgasts, unless the peculiarity is directly related to them, such as it is with Jacob Portman . In the beginning, his ability to sense and see hollowgasts is neutural, although towards the end of Hollow City, he develops a stronger connection with them, which he can choose to "activate" or not. Another example of this is Olive, who floats constantly. If not for her weighed shoes, she would float into the sky and never come down. Her ability can't be activated or unactivated.

Uncertain PeculiaritiesEdit


Hugh and His Family of Bee Residents

These peculiars's abilities are hard to catagorize because they are a little bit of both types. We'll begin with Hugh Apiston (entomopathy). His ability to control bees could be considered agressive because he wills them to do his bidding. It could also be thought of as passive because sometimes the bees living in him make appearances unwilled, like at the dinner table (Miss Peregrine's Home, pg __), or in response to strong emotions, such as anger (Miss Peregrine's Home, pg __). It could also be considered a physical peculiarity due to the fact that his body has adapted to the horde of bees residing in his stomach.

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