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Olive Abroholos Elephanta is a teenage peculiar under the care of Alma LeFay Peregrine. Her peculiarity is pyrokinesis.


Olive is a tall teenage girl who has red, wavy hair falling down to her shoulders and large blue-greyish eyes. She wears a light pink, long floral dress and black rubber gloves that go up to her elbows to prevent her from setting things on fire due to her peculiarity.


Olive comes off as a quiet, kind, and gentle person, and she is usually very reserved, as she doesn't speak very often. Her personality overall is entirely opposite to her peculiarity.


Pyrokinesis: Olive's peculiarity is the ability to produce and manipulate fire through her hands. However, she has very little control of her peculiarity and often accidentally burns her surroundings if she doesn't wear her rubber gloves.



  • Olive's book counterpart possesses levitation, but in the film, she has Emma's peculiarity instead.
  • In the book, Olive appears as a young girl. However, in the film, she appears as a teenager, making her seem older than Emma Bloom. However, Emma Bloom is older than Olive in both instances.
  • Though Olive ended up being Enoch's significant other, it was implied that she did have some feelings towards Jacob too; whilst serving him tea, she smiled at him, and when she was saying farewell to Jacob, she hugged him lovingly.