All the while, Miss Wren rocked in the chair and stroked Miss Peregrine's feathers, singing her a soft, lilting lullaby:

"Eft kaa vangan soorken, eft ka vangan soorken, malaaya..."

"That's the tongue of the old peculiars," Millard whispered. "Come home, come home... remember your true self... something like that."

–Hollow City

Old Peculiar is the ancient language of peculiar. It is little spoken, and even Millard—who prides himself as a scholar of all things peculiar—only knows a little.


  • ymbryne—literally, "revolution" or "circuit"
  • coerlfolc—literally, "Common Folk"
  • syndrigast—literally, "peculiar spirit"
  • Aldinn—Meaning unknown. The word is used in the phrase, "the Aldinn days."
  • Aswindan—"shrink"
  • Yeth-Faru—"merman"
  • Wolsenwyrsend--"centaur with control over clouds"
  • Styl-hyde—"metal skin"
  • Suul— presumably"a peculiar soul"