Her only visible body parts were her left eye and left hand. The rest was hidden beneath acres of fabric: shawls, scarves, a dress, and a bell-shaped hoop skirt. She seemed to be missing her right hand, and the left was in the grip of a young man with brown skin and wide, bright eyes.

Jacob's narration, Library of Souls

Mother Dust is a female syndrigast with the peculiarity of having healing properties.

Library of SoulsEdit

She first heals Jacob when he is first brought to Myron Bentham's house. She later heals the hollowgast caught by Jacob and Emma to power the Panloopticon, and cuts off her pinkie to give to Jacob and Emma before their journey to save their friends from the hollowgasts and wights. The only viable parts of her are her left eye and left hand. She used to be an ambrosia addict.

She has the ability to turn parts of her into dust and heal with it.

Relationships Edit

Reynaldo Edit

He is Mother Dust's interpreter.