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Miss Wren's Menagerie for Peculiar Animals was the name of one of Miss Wren's loops, this one specifically housing peculiar animals. The loop is believed to be the inspiration for one of the stories in the Tales of the Peculiar; a story about a giant named Cuthbert who lifted animals on top of a large mountain to protect them from hunters. It was destroyed at an unknown time during Library Of Souls, and a new menagerie to replace it is mentioned to be under construction in A Map of Days.

Description Edit

A very small house was perched on a very large tower constructed entirely from stacked-up railroad ties set smack in the middle of a grassy plateau. Around it on the plateau were scattered a few shacks and at the far end, there was a small patch of woods. There is a cemetery filled with the peculiar animals that died.

Known ResidentsEdit



  • Pompey
  • A goat with very long horns and deep black eyes
  • Goats with super strength, similar to the ones the Gypsies used to have
  • Ca'ab Magda