Balenciaga Wren, also known as Miss Wren, is a female syndrigast with the peculiarity of being a ymbryne.

She was the last known ymbryne to escape capture in the series.

Biography Edit

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Early Life Edit

Miss Wren created 2 loops, her Menagerie and another unknown loop.

Hollow City Edit

Miss Wren is mentioned frequently in the beginning of the story, but only appears near the end.

Because Miss Wren was the only ymbryne to escape Wight capture, the peculiars who escaped Miss Peregrine's island went to search for her in the hope that she could help 'Miss Peregrine' out of her bird form.

At the menagerie, Addison shows the peculiars a picture of Ms. Wren.

When the group reached the loop at the London Underground, they looked out for peculiars and found Sergei Andropov. They asked him if he knew Miss Wren, but he dismissed them. After walking out of the sideshow, a boy told them to go to Wakeling and Rookery. Curiously, they follow the boy's instructions and found the building where the Council of Ymbryne convenes and Peculiar Archives residing at the intersection, completely covered in ice. They kept on finding a way to enter the building, until Miss Wren stepped out of the building. They followed her desperately and had a talk with the ymbryne. After learning their cause, she immediately called Althea to prepare her equipment.

Miss Wren worked on Miss Peregrine for hours and was shocked when she learned that Caul was the one she had been helping. She confronted Caul, but he killed Althea which caused the building to unfreeze, thus, letting the wights and hollowgasts come in. Miss Wren, thinking of the peculiars' lives, told them to go along peacefully. They were captured and went to the present time at the train station. Before the train roared away, Jacob saw Miss Wren being shoved into the train car. 

Library of Souls Edit

She is rescued by Jacob and Emma when they entered the Wights' Fortress. She later plays a part in the collapse of Abaton.

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