Page Number From the Collection of Story Info File Name Source
The Invisible Boy 12 Robert Jackson


The Levitating Girl 13 Yefim Tobis
Boy Lifting Boulder 14 Robert Jackson Victor Bruntley Victor.jpg
The Painted Head 15 Robert Jackson
Abe Napping 24 Robert Jackson
The Girl in the Bottle 46 Robert Jackson Bottle.jpg
The Floating Baby 47 Peter Cohen
The Boy-Faced Dog 48 Robert Jackson
The Contortionist 49 Robert Jackson
The Masked Ballerinas 50 Robert Jackson
Miss Peregrine's Silhouette 56 Robert Jackson Siillo.jpg
Boy in Bunny Costume 86 Robert Jackson
Girls at the Beach 112 The Thanatos Archive
The Reflecting Pool 113 Peter Cohen
A Boy and His Bees 114 Robert Jackson Hugh.jpg
The Snacking Ballerinas 115 Robert Jackson
Emma in the Dark 118 Muriel Moutet
The Cairn Tunnel 122 Martin Isaac
Fighter Planes 134 Robert Jackson
Miss Peregrine 143 Ransom Riggs
Miss Finch 154 Roselyn Leibowitz Finch.jpg
Miss Avocet and Her Wards 155 Julia Lauren Avo.jpg
Miss Finch's Loop 158 Roselyn Leibowitz
Claire's Golden Curls 164 David Bass
Our Beautiful Display 169 Robert Jackson Display.jpg
Bronwyn Bruntley 184 Robert Jackson Bronwyn.jpg
Girl with Chicken 187 John Van Noate Fiona.jpg
Jill and the Beanstalk 188 Robert Jackson Jill.jpg
A Follower of Fashion 191 Robert Jackson Follower.jpg
Miss Nightjar Takes All the Hard Cases 206 Ransom Riggs Hard case.jpg
Enoch's Dolls 212 David Bass Enoch.jpg
Victor 216 Robert Jackson SickVick.jpg
My Bombshell 223 Peter Cohen
Peeling Spuds 224 Robert Jackson
Emma's Silhouette 225 Robert Jackson
This Is Why 227 Robert Jackson This is why.jpg
A Hunting Trip 250 Ransom Riggs
Department Store Santa 259 Ransom Riggs
Victorian Dentist 260 The Thanatos Archive Img0621.jpg
Marcie and the Wight 261 Robert Jackson Manshadowchild.jpg
The Vision 271 Peter Cohen
Caw Caw Caw 306 Roselyn Leibowitz

This is supposedly the ymbryne Miss Raven or Miss Crow.

Abe and Emma 344 Robert Jackson Abma.jpg
We Rowed Faster 349 Robert Jackson

Uncredited PhotographsEdit

Description Page Contributor Story Info File Name Source
Police Sketch 37 Hollodraw.jpg
The Selected Works of Ralph Waldo Emerson Title Page 56 Features note written to Jacob by Abraham
Emma's Hatbox 221

Labeled "Private Correspondence of Emma Bloom Do not open"

Kisses, Emma 226 Feates note written to Abe from Emma Kiss.jpg
Mr. Barron 291 A stapled image of a bus driver
Horace's Drawing 334 Depicts a forest and razor wire
Emma's Letter 345 A letter written by Emma to Franklin