Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children is the main setting of the novel Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. It is located in Wales near the town of Cairnholm, where all of Miss Peregrine's wards live.


Miss Peregrine's home is in the loop of Cairnholm on September 3, 1940. A loop is an occurence which only a ymbryne can conduct where a past date (such as September 3, 1940) exists and repeats itself over and over, though the experience of it by those who are peculiar differentiates.

Like the date changes with midnight, Miss Peregrine's loop is reset with the changeover. Specifically, every changeover is the bombing of Cairnholm on September 3rd, 1940. Once the changeover occurs, the loop is reset. While the peculiars can have different experiences on the island, it is told by Millard that every other living being on the island (both people and animals alike) do not have have different experiences. Unless interrupted by one of the peculiars, all of Cairnholm's resients and wildlife do the same things continuously every day. Due to his invisibility, Millard was able to document all of these things that each person or creature did in the back pages of the Map of Days.

Only peculiars can pass through loops, meaning the peculiars within it are protected from hollowgasts. Unfortunately, wights are able to pass through, which results in Golan breaking in and capturing Miss Peregrine and Miss Avocet.

The entrance to Miss Peregrine's loop is on Cairnholm Island, Wales, on the other side of the Cairn Tunnel.


Current Wards:

Jacob Portman:

He is the main character in the story. He comes from a rich family with an "unstable" grandpa, Abraham Portman. He inherits the ability of being able to see the monsters from his grandpa. When Jacob was looking for his grandpa in the woods with his friend Ricky he saw his first monster (that killed his grandpa). He was deemed unstable like his grandpa was. His psychiatrist Dr. Golan convinced Jacob to try to find the meaning of his Grandpa's last words. That led Jacob to going to the island where he tried to get in contact to Miss. Peregrine or one of her wards but he finds that they all died from a bomb on September 3, 1940. One day after exploring the house he falls through the floor and hears people talking upstairs. He then chased them to a cave. He went into it to find no one. He walked out and got sent back in time to the day the bomb exploded the house. From there Jacob becomes friends with the children and helps protect them from outside forces.


Emma Bloom:

Having the powers of fire in the book and able to control air in the movie. Emma has been in the loop since September 3, 1940. She was romantically involved with Jacob portman's grandpa, Abraham Portman, then years later Jacob after Abraham left to fight in the war. She is intelligent, honest, powerful and loyal.

Past Wards:

Abraham Portman: A critical ward to Miss Peregrine due to his rare ability to see hollows. Abraham left the loop to fight in the war and to hunt wights.

Charlotte: a past ward of Miss Peregrine's that she had been tending to before Jacob's arrival. She left Miss Peregrine's loop to be cared for by Miss Avocet.

Marcie: A young girl who was intent on leaving Miss Peregrine's loop. After leaving, she was kidnapped by a wight at the bus stop.

Victor Bruntley: Although his body is still in Miss Peregrine's home, Victor is considered a past resident after being murdered by a hollow. 


A Most Peculiar Trip Searching for Miss Peregrine

A Most Peculiar Trip Searching for Miss Peregrine

Ransom's adventure to find the Peregrine house.

  • The inspiration for the home for the peculiar children is an abandoned chateau called Hof Van Nottebom, which is located in Belgium. While writing Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children, Ransom first came across the house while looking for photos to inspire descriptions of Miss Peregrine's home.
  • In 2011, Ransom made the trip to Europe to locate the house after his publisher had requested a trailer for his book. He met up with the Dutch urban explorer named Martino Zegwaard, whose photos he had come across on the Internet. The pair explored four different houses, the final house located in Luxenburg chosen as the center setting for the book trailer.
  • For Ransom's birthday in 2014, his wife Tahereh surprised him with a model of the Miss Peregrine house that was custom made by Michael DelPriore of Ryerson Studios. 

A model of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

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