Miss Avocet was an Ymbryne and the headmistress of her school/safe haven in Blackpool Tower. Miss Avocet was portrayed by actress Judi Dench.

Background Edit

MPHfPC 1752

Her loop was attacked by Hollowgasts and all of the children were slaughtered. She tried to save them, but she was outnumbered and they put the machine in her loop. She somehow managed to escape and fled to Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children. She was found by Jake and Emma in the Cairn Tunnel, hurt and unable to turn back to human form. She was brought back to Miss Peregrine and nursed back to health. When Peregrine went with Mr. Barron, Miss Avocet took charge and led the children. She was later killed by Malthus.

Peculiarity Edit

Avian Shapeshifting: As an ymbryne, she can shape-

MPHfPC 1223

Miss Avocet as an Avocet

shift into a bird, specifically an Avocet.

Time Manipulation: As an ymbryne, she can manipulate time and create loops.

Relationships Edit

Miss Peregrine Edit

Miss Peregrine is a good friend of hers and came to her when her loop was attacked by Hollowgasts and all of her children were slaughtered.