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Maryann Portman is a female Coerlfolc.

She is the mother of Jacob Portman and wife of Franklin Portman. She belongs to a family who owns a successful chain of pharmacy stores.

Personality Edit

Maryann was raised into a privileged household. As such, she has never experienced loss, responsibility or adversity; even as a mother, her irresponsible nature overshadowed any maternal affections towards Jacob. She is highly narcissistic, entitled, materialistic and superficial; her only real affection being the admiration of the public and the affirmation of her own importance. Her pompousness complimented Franklin's resentfulness and mediocrity well as she could push him around and manipulate his insecurities. Despite her flaws, Maryann is protective of Jacob, but only as she sees her as an extension of herself and her ego; she later thought him crazy.

She loves showing off, and often throws parties for no reason. During the parties, wine in hand, she tells stories about all her expensive items.

Relationships Edit

Jacob PortmanEdit

Her son. Maryann is described by Jacob as being more protective of him than his father. She also thinks he is a bit psycho after he tells them his "crazy" adventures he had.

Franklin PortmanEdit

Her husband.


As Franklin did, Maryann also trusted Dr. Golan to aid Jacob through the stress of his grandfather's death. She and Franklin never found out Dr. Golan's true intentions.


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