A model of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

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The European and Northern African Loops

A loop is an occurrence which only a ymbryne (female) can conduct, where a past date exists and repeats over and over, though syndrigasts experience it differently. Only Peculiars can pass through it, meaning the peculiars within it are protected from hollowgasts.

Loops suspends the aging of their occupants, although they do not prevent it. Should a peculiar exit their loop into the present and remain there for two to three days, they will age forward however many years they have spent inside the loop, which, depending on how long that is, usually results in death. 


There are three types of loops: workable loops, closed loops and punishment loops.

Workable LoopsEdit

Closed LoopsEdit

Punishment LoopsEdit

Known LoopsEdit

Miss PeregrineEdit

Loop: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Location: Cairnholm, Wales

Date of Loop: September 3, 1940

Entrance: Cairn of Cairnholm

Miss Avocet and Miss BuntingEdit

Location: Derbyshire, England

Date of Loop: July 15, 1867

Miss GannettEdit

Location: Ireland

Date of Loop: June 1770

Miss Nightjar and Miss ThrushEdit

Location: Swansea, Wales

Date of Loop: April 3, 1901

Miss ThrushEdit

Location: London, England

Date of Loop: Unknown date, before 1940

Entrance: A Crypt below St. Paul's Cathedral

Miss Finch and her aunt, also called Miss FinchEdit

Location: England

Date of Loop: Unknown date

Miss WrenEdit

Loop(s): Miss Wren's Menagerie and another unnamed Loop

Location (Menagerie): Wales

Date of Loop (Menagerie): 1492? 1750? (According to Jacob)

Entrance (Menagerie): Mouth of the stone head of Cuthbert

Council of YmbrynesEdit

Loop: Carnival Tourist Loop

Location: London, England

Date of Loop: After 1863

Entrance: Underground tunnel

Sharon's River ToursEdit

Loop: Devil's Acre

Location: London, England

Date of Loop: During the reign of Queen Victoria.

Entrance: Through a tunnel in the Thames river.

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