Lavinia is a female syndrigast with the peculiarity of being able to manipulate nightmares.

Personality Edit

She had a kind heart and a sharp mind and she loved helping people.

–Tales of the Peculiar

She is kind-hearted and would like to help people. She also has a sharp mind and is very stubborn, as we see when she steals science books, spies through keyholes, and disobeys her father, just because she would like to become a doctor and nothing could stop her.

Tales of the Peculiar Edit

She is only mentioned in Tales of the Peculiar, in the story "The Girl Who Could Tame Nightmares".

Ambition Edit

Once there was a girl named Lavinia who wanted nothing more than to become a doctor like her father.

–Tales of the Peculiar

Lavinia wants to become a doctor, but at school, she isn't taught the required subjects for becoming one. Instead of giving up her dream, she works as hard as she can to pursue it.

At school, while the boys were learning science, Lavinia and the other girls were taught how to knit and cook. But Lavinia would not be discouraged. She stole the boys' science books and memorized them. She spied through the keyhole as her father examined patients in his office, and she pestered him with endless questions about his work. She sliced open frogs she'd caught in the yard to examine their insides. One day, she vowed, she would discover a cure for something. One day she would be famous.

–Tales of the Peculiar