Horace Somnusson is a male syndrigast under the care of Miss Peregrine. In the movie, he is portrayed by Hayden Keeler-Stone.

Description Edit

Physical Edit

Horace is portrayed by Hayden Keeler-Stone in the film and is blond. He appeared to be in his pre-teens/early-teens.

Peculiarity Edit

In the film, Horace not only had prophetic dreams, but he could also project them using a monocle. He didn't seem to have many prophetic dreams, and Emma says that he mostly dreams about clothes.

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (film) Edit

Horace was first seen in the film as playing referee for Hugh and Millard's soccer game, though not very well. He was also holding a book and reading while doing so, suggesting he was not very devoted to being the ref. Later, he projected his dreams onto a wall for Movie Time for the peculiar children. According to Emma, he mostly just dreamed about clothes, but he also had a dream about Miss Avocet being taken by wights and Emma and Jacob kissing. He also dreamed about the moment where he and Jacob met. During dinner, Horace teased Enoch for being jealous of Olive paying so much attention to Jacob. And when Enoch asked Miss Peregrine why she was risking her and their lives to save Jacob, Horace told Enoch that Jacob could see the hollows, even though Jacob never told him that. Later, he tried to stop Mr. Barron by projecting his dreams into Mr. Barron's blank eyes, which proved to be ineffective. Thankfully he survives this encounter and is seen at the end of the film escaping with Miss Peregrine and her wards.