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As for him, God help us if that's all our wardrobes have to look forward to!

Horace Somnusson is one of Miss Peregrine's peculiar children—a male syndrigast with the peculiarity of having prophetic dreams.

Description Edit

Physical Edit

Go ahead, have a laugh at old Horace's expense! Call me a dandy if you will but just because the villlagers won't remember what you wear doesn't give you license to dress like a vagabond!

–Horace, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Horace Somnusson is described to be a pubescent boy. He always wears fancy tail coats and jackets with a black top hat atop his head.

Personality Edit

He is shown to be quite cowardly, but by the end of Hollow City he has shown that he is a capable individual. Horace also is very into fashion and clothes. He seems to have a practical side, because in Hollow City, he seemed to be the only one of the children who packed food and money when they left Miss Peregrine's Loop.

Peculiarity Edit

He has prophetic dreams. Gets these great nightmares every so often, which have a disturbing tendency to come true.

–Emma Bloom, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Horace's peculiarity is that he has prophetic dreams, meaning that while asleep, his dreams are of the future. He can tell the futures of others more easily if he doesn't know them well, because according to Emma, emotion clouds his vision. In Hollow City, he had a dream about Melina's childhood, which suggests that he dreams about more than just the future.

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar ChildrenEdit

Yes, I admit that I am a follower of fashion.
Horace made a brief appearance in Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. He first appeared while Jacob was having dinner with the peculiar children, and was the first one to tell Jacob how old he is. Later, Horace is one of the children who goes to the beach, along with Emma, Millard, Bronwyn, and Hugh. He often mentions clothes. When Miss Avocet got attacked, he joined Enoch in teasing Olive and Claire. Near the end of the book, he says he has dreamed about the place where the wights are keeping the ymbrynes and is able to draw it.
Horace's Drawing

Hollow CityEdit

Horace catching a pigeon

Horace catching a pigeon in Hollow City

When their boats were tossed by waves at sea, Horace managed to keep hold of his hat.

Horace, along with Fiona, was sent by Emma to gather wood for a fire. However, they returned with no wood, because they couldn't find any wood, and they didn't go in the actual woods because it was too scary ("we heard an owl"). He and Fiona were the ones who alerted the others to the zeppelins. He was also the one who packed food when they left Miss Peregrine's loop, and the one who took money from Miss Peregrine's loop before they left, which allowed them to buy train tickets. Horace was singled out by Mr. White as the weakest of them, but Horace still refused to tell Mr. White where Miss Peregrine was, telling Mr. White that Miss Peregrine was in his "mother's knickers' drawer." Horace was the only one who managed to catch a pigeon when they were looking for the peculiar flock of pigeons, and he later stopped Melina from killing him, Emma, and Jacob, by proving that he was peculiar. He said he dreamed about her and her past life, which suggests that he dreams about more than just the future.

Because of everyone's teasing, Horace wished to join Miss Wren's army to prove that he is not a coward. He is shown to have studied peculiars even more than Millard, mainly because his dreams urge him to.

At the end of the book, Horace was captured along with most of the other children.

Library of Souls Edit

Horace was captured by the wights with most of the other peculiar children. When he saw Jacob, he gave him a scarf, telling him that Miss Peregrine had given him some knitting needles, and that Horace thought being able to knit the scarf had kept him from going mad. He asked Jacob to wear it for luck. Later, it saved Jacob's life, and it was revealed to have been made from peculiar sheep wool.

When Emma didn't receive any more letters from Jacob, she remembered the email Jacob set up for her, and Horace was able to guess the password of the email. He was with the other children at the end of the book at Jacob's house.

Relationships Edit

Enoch O'Connor Edit

Enoch and Horace are considered as friends. Horace and Enoch slept with their backs to each other in Hollow City, and Horace once teased Enoch.

Film Edit

Appearance Edit

Horace was portrayed by Hayden Keeler-Stone in the film, with blond hair. He appeared to be in his pre-teens/early-teens.

Peculiarity Edit

In the film, Horace not only had prophetic dreams, but he could also project them using a monocle.

Role Edit

Horace was first seen in the film as playing referee for Hugh and Millard's soccer game, though not very well. He was also holding a book and reading while doing so, suggesting he was not very devoted to being the ref. Later, he projected his dreams onto a wall for Movie Time for the peculiar children. According to Emma, he mostly just dreamed about clothes, but he also had a dream about Miss Avocet being taken by wights and Emma and Jacob kissing. He also dreamed about the moment where he and Jacob met. During dinner, Horace tased Enoch for being jealous of Olive paying so much attention to Jacob. And when Enoch asked Miss Peregrine why she was risking her and their lives to save Jacob, Horace told Enoch that Jacob could see the hollows, even though Jacob never told him that. Later, he tried to stop Mr. Barron by projecting his dreams into Mr. Barron's blank eyes, which proved to be ineffective.


  • He has a secret pocket in his coat.
  • In Hollow City, it is revealed that Horace has a lucky pillow that is the only thing that keeps him from having his paralyzing nightmares.
  • His last name is probably derived from Sumnos, the Roman god of sleep (Greek equivalent = Hypnos).

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