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Hollow City
Author Ransom Riggs
Photograph Contributors Ransom Riggs

Roselyn Leibowitz Muriel Moutet David Bass John Van Noate Erin Waters

Publication date January 14, 2014
Published by Quirk Books
ISBN 9781594746123
Publication Order
Preceded by
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
Followed by
Library Of Souls

Hollow City is the sequel to Ransom Riggs's Novel Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. It was released on January 14, 2013

It starts right after the first book ended, and focuses on the rise of a terrifying antagonist with the name of Caul, who is also Miss Peregrine's brother.


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Setting Introductory Quote...Edit

(This is Part of the first Book)

And lo! towards us coming in a boat

An old man, frizzled with the hair of eld, Moaning: "Woe unto you, debased souls!

Hope nevermore to look upon the heavens. I come to lead you to the other shore; Into eternal darkness; into fire and frost.

And thou, that yonder standest, living soul, Withdraw from these people, who are dead!" But he saw that I did not withdraw...

–Dante's Inferno, Canto III

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In the modern world, the wights take the peculiars through to the London Underground, and begin loading them onto the train. But while they are trying to force Emma on, Emma heats up her hands, melts through her handcuffs, and burns the wight on the face, saving Jacob. Meanwhile, to Jacob's shock, Bronwyn tears Joel-and-Peter away from each other, causing them to scream and shatter the train's windows and knocking Jacob, Emma, and the wights down. Emma and the wights go unconscious immediately, while Jacob is on the brink of following suit and passing out.

Jacob starts to drag Emma away from the train, but collapses from the pain. He watches the others being loaded on the train and taken to an unknown

He awakens later to find himself in a train station, Emma is unconcious, with Addison licking the two in attempt to wake them up and soothe them. He goes into a nearby phone booth and calls his frantic dad. Jacob is about to tell his father to stay calm, when the Rogue Hollow appears, lifting up the phone booth and slamming it back down, shattering the glass. It grabs Jacob by the throat and lifts him up, slowly strangling him.

Jacob, on the edge of surrendering, gives in to the pain he feels whenever a hollow is near. Deep down inside, he feels a whisper, and lets it rise, speaking in the language of the hollow and telling it to "Back off". Upon hearing this, the hollow immediately lets go of Jacob and sits back. Jacob quickly tells his Dad that he's ok, and that he loves him and his mother. Jacob hangs up and assures Addison and Emma that the hollow won't attack. Then, he turns back to the hollowgast. Speaking the hollow language, Jacob orders the Rogue Hollow to stand.




Credited Photographs
Title Page From the Collection of Description File Name Source
Jacob in silhouette 8 Roselyn Leibowitz
Emma Bloom (Emma in the Dark) 8 Muriel Moutet
Enoch O'Connor (Enoch's Dolls) 9 David Bass
Claire Densmore (Claire's Golden Curls) 10 David Bass
Fiona (Girl with Chicken) 10 John Van Noate
Miss Avocet 11 Erin Waters
We Rowed Faster (Credited in the first book) 18 Rowfast.jpg
Girl boarding train 212 John Van Noate
Crying baby 226 John Van Noate crying baby.jpeg
Peculiar brothers 246 John Van Noate
Sam 283 John Van Noate
Millard in the mirror 300 John Van Noate
The lookout 309 John Van Noate
Uncredited Photographs Also Found in Hollow City
Title (Unofficial) Page Description File Name Source
18 Island.jpeg
Blimps 34 Blimps.jpeg
Jacob on the Rocks 42 Jacob on the rocks.jpeg
Cuthbert 60
Miss Wren's House 78 Misswrensmenagerie.jpeg
Grunt 80 00032.jpeg
Addison MacHenry 83
Deirdre the Emu-Raffe 89
Peculiar Graveyard 94 Peculiar graveyard.jpeg
Pompey 96 Pompey.jpeg
Ca'ab Magda 97
Miss Wren and a Chicken 114 Miss wren and chicken.jpeg
Radi 139 Radi.jpeg
The Goat People 146 Goat people.jpeg
Faces for a smile 147 Signed "G.M.S.K* Vantriloquist.jpeg
Gypsies 150 Gypsies.jpeg
Dead Horses 167 Dead horses.jpeg
Hostages 170 Hostages.jpeg
Dead Soldiers 181 Dead soldiers.jpeg
Doll's House 224 Doll's house.jpeg
Firefighter 225
Horace Catching a Pigeon 228 Horace catching a pigeon.jpeg
Damaged Cathedral 231 Damaged cathedral.jpeg
Eyes in the Catacombs 243 Eyes in the dark.jpeg
Mr. A. F. Crumbley 251 Mr. Crumbley.jpeg
Sleeping with Skeletons 254 Skeletons.jpeg
Melina 256 Melina.jpeg
Esme in the Bathtub 274 Esme.jpeg
The Clown 306 Clown.jpeg
Congress of Human Oddities 308 Congress of human oddities.jpeg
The Amazing Matchstick Men 311 Matchstick men.jpeg
Snake Charmer 312
The World-Famous Folding Man 315
The Peculiar Archives 319 Frozenloop.jpg
Althea 328
The Heart of the Peculiar World 340
Call, call, call 348 Call call call.jpeg
Moaning Girl 349
Abraham in Silhouette 373 Abes silhouette.jpeg
Shoulder Blades 386
Don't Look Away 400


  • The book is dedicated to Ransom Riggs's wife Tahereh Mafi.

Book TrailersEdit

Hollow City Book Trailer 101:01

Hollow City Book Trailer 1

Hollow City Book Trailer 2 the Bone Brothers00:59

Hollow City Book Trailer 2 the Bone Brothers

Please take note this video is not for people with a small fear tolerance.

Hollow City The Second Novel of Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children00:51

Hollow City The Second Novel of Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children

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