Enoch O'Connor is a male peculiar under the care of Miss Peregrine. His peculiarity is the ability to temporarily bring life into corpses or inanimate objects using the heart of an animal. He is portrayed by Finlay MacMillan.


Personality, Enoch first comes off as grumpy, rude and sarcastic, and shown to be unfriendly towards Jacob upon first meeting him. During the film, he shows a more caring side for the younger kids in the group when he helps them escape the hollowgast—he makes sure the little ones are out of danger before he is. He is also the first one to boldly charge at the hollowgast to protect his friends. Enoch also tries to attack Mr. Barron when they first confront him.

Enoch begins to realize his feelings for Olive towards the ending of the movie, as first shown when he tried to save her from a Wight. He then confesses his love for her when he thought she was dying, visibly in grief. Later on they are shown holding hands.

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He is a soft puppy who must be protected. 

Peculiarity Dead-riser: Enoch is cable of briefly bringing life into all non-living things by implanting a vital organ (usually a heart) from another living being's body. As effective as his peculiarity is, it is sometimes long process to activate, as he needs time to implant the organ. Once his "puppet" is functioning, it is under Enoch's full control and can only do what he tells it to do during the brief time it is "alive". In the movie he says he used to bring dead people to back to life and make them have, quote, "epic battles" at his parents' funeral parlor. He spends a lot of his time stitching parts of toys together to make an odd, disfigured creature, in which he'll bring to "life" with a heart. He has a vast collection of hearts (sheep, mouse, rabbit, etc) kept pickled in jars.