Edvard is a Norwegian farmer who lives in America. He has a son named Ollie, and a daughter named Asgard.

Tales of the Peculiar Edit

He is only mentioned in Tales of the Peculiar in the story: 'Ollie'.

Relationships Edit

Ollie Edit

At first, Edvard is cruel to his Ollie, thinking he is too sensitive and loves too much. One day, he finds that Ollie has befriended a locust and has turned into a locust, because he turns into whatever animal he feels most connected to, and Edvard is disgusted with the look of Ollie, so he leaves Ollie in the fields. In the end, Edvard finds Ollie in the form of a goose, and treats him with the compassion he failed to treat him with earlier.

Asgard Edit

After Ollie is lost, Edvard realizes that he didn't love Ollie as much as he ought to, so he decides to be kind to Asgard. She finds a goose one day, and since he loves her, Edvard lets her keep the goose. Edvard learns how to love someone through Asgard.

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