Cuthbert was a giant. It is unknown if the giant species is under the Coerlfolc or Syndrigasti species.

Hollow City Edit

In Hollow City, his tale is read when Olive Abroholos Elephanta was having a breakdown. Owing to the fear of getting caught by Wights because of the noise, the peculiar group decided to read a story. 

In the process, they found out that the tale was made around the location of Miss Wren's Menagerie loop, which is the giant's 'stone head' in the middle of a lake. 

Tales of the Peculiar Edit

He is mentioned in the Tales of the Peculiar as a giant who helped many peculiar animals escape death from hunters by bringing them onto a mountain. In the tale, he helps an emu-raffe get away from hunters and kills the hunter for good measure. All the other peculiar animals want to be safe as well, so he brings them to safety. Later on, a witch comes and turns him to stone for killing the hunter.

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