Here you will find all known loops and their headmistresses and wards. There are three types of loops, workable loops, closed loops, and punishment loops.

Description Edit

A limited area in which a single day is repeated endlessly. Created and maintained by ymbrynes to shelter their peculiar wards from danger, loops delay indefinitely the aging of their inhabitants. But loop dwellers are by no means immortal: each day they "skip" is a debt that's banked away, to be repaid in gruesome rapid aging should they linger too long outside their loop.

Workable LoopsEdit

  1. Ms. Wren's Menagerie
  2. Unknown Loop In Modern London's Underground

Closed LoopsEdit

  1. Ms. Peregrine's Loop
  2. Ms. Raven's Loop
  3. Ms. Wren's Old Loop

Punishment LoopsEdit

  1. Devil's Acre