This is a list of characters from Ransom Riggs' series and companion books. Film-based characters are included here as well.

Types of Characters: Edit

Protagonist Edit

  • Also known as the main character (singular) in the series or in a chapter in Tales of the Peculiar. (e.g. Jacob Portman)
  • Term refers to 'main characters' and not solely 'good guys'.

Deuteragonist Edit

  • Also known as the second most important character (singular) after the protagonist. (e.g. Emma Bloom)
  • Term refers to 'sidekick' or 'close companion'.

Supporting characters Edit

  • Also known as the characters who support the protagonists.
  • Majority of characters are under this category- characters who are mentioned here and there with a backstory but not the subject of the plot. (e.g. Millard Nullings, Hugh Apiston)

Minor characters Edit

  • Also known as the minority group of characters.
  • Mentioned only in a few paragraphs. (e.g. Oggie, Sam)

Antagonists Edit

  • Also known as the villians who oppose the protagonists.
  • Term refers to 'villians' in general. (e.g. Malthus, Golan, Caul)

Animals Edit

  • Refers to peculiar animals.

These are further classified under: Edit

Book characters Edit

Film characters Edit

  • Characters who appear in the film.

Characters with no photographic appearances Edit

  • Self-explanatory. <-- bOI
  • Applies to characters who are created by Ransom Riggs in the books. (not the film)

Characters with shape-shifting abilities Edit

  • Characters who can change forms. hi
  • Applies to all ymbrynes and shape-shifting wights. (e.g. Golan)