The Carnival Tourist Loop is a workable loop within London. The exact date of the loop is unknown, but Jacob Portman, after observing the inhabitants' clothing, believes it to be prior to 1863.

The loop contains a carnival within the streets of London with various booths filled with all sorts of different Peculiars such as Sergei Andropov and The Clown showing their peculiarity to the public.

One large building in the loop contains The Peculiar Archives, a sort of peculiar headquarters where the Map of Days is located. The Council of Ymbrynes also meet in the archives to convene for their annual nitpicking of the bylaws. The Congress of Human Oddities is also located in the loop.

Hollow City Edit

While trying to find Miss Wren, Jacob Portman and the other Peculiar children travel here from their loop in order to heal Miss Peregrine back to her human form. In the frozen archives building, they successfully find Miss Wren, and she helps Miss Peregrine change back to human form, but it turns out to be Peregrine's evil brother Caul Bentham.

Caul and his Wight army then immediately take control of the loop and its inhabitants. Caul kills Althea and captures the peculiar children. 

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