Ambrosia, also known as ambro, is a drink, made of a peculiar's second soul, created by Myron Bentham as an experiment with Abraham Portman. Most of the stock was destroyed by the end of Library of Souls.

Effects Edit

It it said to weaken a peculiar's powers little by little. Ambrosia only made a person stronger within a few minutes. Due to weakening power, many who take it end up being an ambro addict, which leaves their face horribly disfigured, due to it melting off of their faces. Many addicts put their heads in bags having two holes for the eyes to see.

Ambrosia is taken by pouring into your eyes, letting out a powerful light from the eyes with the ability to burn (which fade out in a few seconds or minutes), then making you powerful for a few minutes. After Bentham created it, it was soon reproduced and sold by wights. Big ambro addicts hide and walk in public with bags on their heads.

Users Edit

Sharon Edit

In Library of Souls, he admitted that he was an ambro addict (who was rescued Bentham) leaving his face disfigured, but not as disfigured as most.

Mother Dust Edit

She was used as a test subject using Abe's second soul to help all see hollows. She later was completely covered in fabric except for one of her eyes.

Myron Bentham Edit

He used some to defeat his brother, Caul, in Abaton.

Multiple wrestlers Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Ironically, in Greek and Roman mythology, "ambrosia" refers to the food of the gods.